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Hey everybody we wanted to take a minute & thank you all for your support as we are just getting started here. We have a lot of ideas that we want to incorporate into our site so we’re excited to announce that we are upgrading to a MUCH more interactive/professional website and will be utilizing our facebook pages until it is operational. We’re looking forward with much anticipation to the new site & are certain you’ll enjoy it as well. Thanks again and stay tuned ……


Africa: A Target Rich Environment

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It has been a dream of mine since I was a boy to travel to the dark continent of Africa to hunt.  Like many of us I grew up watching nature shows of wide open grass lands filled with plains game. I was convinced that vast herds of Blue Wildebeest and Zebra ruled the savannah and bowed down to only the hungry Lion. I was fascinated by this and couldn’t wait to play my role as predator when I grew older.  Last week this dream became a reality for me.

My journey began 60 days ago when I called good hunter and friend, Seppie Chillers. Seppie is a distributor for many archery products in South Africa. He also owns and operates Magnum Archery pro shops so I figured he would be well connected and of good authority in the country. I was right! Seppie set me up with his good friend Sandow who has property with about 17 different species of plains game. Myself and a couple of good friends booked a 9 day hunt and at the end of August and we were headed to Africa.

Before arriving I had planned everything out. I knew what species I was going to shoot, how many animals, and how big. The very first morning of the hunt all my pretenses went out the window when I laid eyes on a Huge Eland bull. I was not planning on harvesting an Eland but as soon as I saw it I wanted one! By the second day my idea of “what, how many, and how big” was not going well. The game was just not cooperating. I quickly learned that just because I showed up that didn’t mean a 60 inch Kudu was just going to come trotting in and stop at 20 yards to give me the perfect broadside shot. This was going to be a hunt and let’s be honest, I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I quickly changed my strategy and decided that if a good trophy presented me a shoot, I was going to take it. This strategy served me well as I harvested 13 animals on my 9 day adventure.

Africa is what I like to refer to as “A target Rich Environment” and I had plenty of opportunity. The results of my hunt are in the photos below. The good thing about Africa is that there are so many different species of big game and I didn’t get a chance at all of them.  I am looking forward to going back.

1st day success. 23 1/2 Impala


11 1/2 inch Warthog


1st Blue Wildebeest


2nd Blue Wildebeest, 50 yard shot


This Kudu was hard to come by. He was the only big bull I had in range the entire trip. I saw others but I couldn't get close enough to them for an archery shot. There is a reason they are refered to as the "Grey Ghost". They are sneaky and very cautious. He is an exceptional looking trophy and I feel lucky to have him.


Gemsbok. These are one of my favorite animals. Their horns go straight up and are very impressive looking. I also like their "clown like" face. I shot this one over a waterhole at 20 yards.


Kudu Bull


18 inch Blesbuck. Big one!



22 inch Black Wildebeest



Zebra, Spot and stalk rifle hunt



Guinea Fowl at a water hole. These birds would come into water in groups of 30 40 birds. They behave a lot like turkeys.


Last Day Heroics. My spot and stalk Impala and Matt's Blesbuck.


Pile of Trophies


On the last day we visited a rural school that was not recognized by the government and receives no funding. We brought as many school supplies and balls that we could fit into a large duffel bag. I can't tell you how grateful these children and their teachers were. One of the teachers came up to me and said, "We love americans, Opera eat your heart out". This was SO rewarding for us and I plan to bring 10 times and much supplies next trip. This was the coolest thing I did on my trip to Africa!



Reflecting on 9/11

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As I sit here today in the comfort of my home I reflect back to that September day that our great Country was attacked by terrorists and the Twin Towers in New York City were slammed into by hijacked passenger air planes. I am humbled in the moment as I think about the magnitude of this event and how it changed, continues to change, and shapes our lives.

What were you all doing that September 11th day when the Twin Towers were hit? I Can still remember it like it was yesterday… Total disbelief Our whole office stood still watching the TV with tears in our eyes and sinking hearts. Over the next few weeks we spent countless hours glued to the TV watching it all unfold, holding our children & loved ones tight thinking how fragile life is & praying more & harder than ever before. May all those who lost their lives fighting for our country & our freedom rest in peace and may God bless all the soldiers that continue to fight for our freedom. I wont forget those or take you for granted I appreciate you all!

I’ve always been extremely grateful to our United States military and appreciate what they have done to keep me and my family free. Somehow this event has seemingly managed to be the most memorable & talked about of all the terrorist events but I want to just reflect for a moment & thank my U.S. Military for ALL of their efforts on an everyday basis to all the wars they’ve fought in to maintain our Freedom. I can’t imagine being a P.O.W. in the Vietnam war or how those mother’s, Father’s, Brother’s, & Sister’s must have felt to hear the news that their relative was killed in action or the horrifying thoughts of one Missing In Action maybe the sleepless nights of a parent wondering what their child is experiencing at that very moment or being THAT soldier in THAT moment. The sacrifices that SO many Americans and American families have made for our freedom is truly humbling and bigger than I’ll ever be. I am proud to be an American & I am proud of these men & women soldiers that do what they do for us daily to protect our rights & freedoms from the offices to the battlefields you are all true heroes! May we NEVER forget! THANK YOU & MAY GOD BLESS THIS BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY WE CALL AMERICA & HOME!!!

Please enjoy the video at the bottom of this post. It was done in tribute the men & women of our United States Military & especially those fallen in the 9/11 attacks. One of the companies I am involved with put it together & I think they did a phenomenal job with it.



A little preparation prior to heading out for a weekend camping trip or even a 10 day deer hunt in Colorado will definitely add to the memories made in the outdoors. Above and beyond the “gear” preparation I’m talking about eating good at camp with the family and kids and good friends that may be along for the trip. I want to share a couple of the meals we like to prepare prior to heading out that keep well in a cooler for multiple days. Obviously this article is NOT intended for the back country hunter but if you plan to haul the kids & the kitchen sink and camp from your truck or trailer these meals are quick & easy to throw together and are absolutely delicious. Sometimes we don’t eat all that great because of the inconvenience of the food prep while outdoors and we ultimately just want to keep it simple. Here are a few of the meals we love to eat while outdoors that are filling, delicious, & SIMPLE!


let’s start with breakfast burritos. Put your tortillas & favorite hot sauce in the cooler or ketchup for the kids and my husband who eats ketchup on everything! All you do is pre-cook your sausage, bacon, eggs, onions, peppers & hash browns. You can either pre build the burritos and wrap in tin foil for cooking on coals or store all in separate Zip Loc bags to allow picky people to add ingredients they like then throw on coals or reheat in a microwave if you have a trailer. Virtually no dishes to clean… Love it!

Next, chicken enchilada’s. This is also an easy recipe to throw together & store in Zip Loc bags for an easy to put together meal in minutes on the mountain just pre cook your chicken chunks or use the chicken chunks in a can similar to tuna. After pre-mixing the sauce & cheeses at home all you need to do is put the two together on a flour tortilla roll up and cook the same way as the breakfast burritos. Steak or Chicken Fajitas is just as easy as that too! We like to use these as a lunch or dinner meal. Lastly who can forget about the original “Hobo Dinners”


These don’t even need to be pre-cooked just pre built for convenience, slice your potatoes and add baby carrots, corm, onions, steak chunks, chicken chunks, or burger. Add your favorite seasonings and 1 heaping Tablespoon of cream of chicken or mushroom soup & a teaspoon of butter to keep it from sticking. Wrap in tin foil or we like to use the cheap pie tins you can buy at any grocery store in the baking isle then cover with a heavy layer of tin foil. Cook on a nice bed of coals for 9-15 minutes per side (heat is going to make the difference in cook time but if you have a real nice bed of coals it should only take about 10 minutes per side) these are just a few of the meals we enjoy while in the mountains. We like to get creative with desserts made on the coals of a campfire too like drunken apples & cobbler etc. All of these can be done in tin foil or the cheap tin platters you can buy at your local grocery store and eaten on paper plates with plastic utensils. The only cleanup is throwing away some tinfoil & plastic when done. Don’t leave it in the fire pit. Everyone loves these meals, we even cook them at home! Enjoy!



OK, I’m fresh back from an incredibly challenging yet enjoyable Half Ironman this past weekend, Utah’s hunting season has opened, my husband is in Africa on a plains game safari and I’ve been thinking a lot about hunting and the importance of being “hunt shape” I watch men and women every year that look like they’ve been laying on their couch with a bag of Doritos in one hand and a cold drink in the other. Suddenly it’s hunting season and they think they can just get up off the couch, lick the orange chip powder off their fingers and hike up the face of a mountain to timber-line and fill their tag. They’ve been drooling about in their junk-food induced sleep.
Well, it’s ironic; it seems as most hunters get to the age where they can finally afford the really good hunts, they’re often too out of shape to go on them or at least be successful and enjoy their time in the woods. That needs not be, and maybe some of what follows will be useful this fall. Bear in mind I’m not a doctor otherwise you’d be paying a lot more for this advice. If you’re reading this then presumably you’re not dead yet & you still have a chance. I came across this story that I thought was interesting.

“Many years ago I hunted in Botswana’s Kalahari Desert. Walking in the Kalahari is a tough proposition. It’s all sand, the elevation is 4,000 feet, and the air temperature is often above 100 degrees. One of our party was in his early 40s and grossly overweight. When asked to get out of our Toyota and do some walking, he managed to go 100 yards before collapsing. “I can’t go on,” he moaned. Our professional hunter, Ian Manning, walked over to his supine form, which resembled a colossal mound of agitated Jell-O, and said:  “Tom, you simply must get up.” …. Nothing. “Tom, you are too heavy for us to carry unless we gut you.” …. Moan.
“Tom, what would your wife think of you if she could see you like this?” Tom finally lurched to his feet, downed the contents of an entire sisal water bag, and staggered back to the truck. He was never the same after that. His wife left him, he was committed to an institution, and he died while still in middle age.

I think about him whenever I want to eat a whole pizza with extra cheese.”
My advice is, be realistic, if you haven’t moved more than to walk from your desk to the car to the couch, then you may want to start out slow. Go for a walk or a hike after work or in the early morning before the kids are awake. Accomplished hunter and Marathoner Cameron Hanes says to simply start out by just elevating your heart rate for 20 minutes a day and work up from there. Next, get rid of the junk food! Try to stick to “real” food, NOT the kind of food that comes in a package. Last… pace yourself! You can’t be expected to run up mountains, but you are going to have to climb those mountains to taste victory! A hunter who has to stop and gasp for breath every few minutes will get no sympathy from anyone.

As you read this it’s late summer & the hunt season is underway for most. All over this great land, men and women are enjoying the good life, demolishing six-packs and tucking away whole racks of ribs. I’m living on designer water and tuna, sweating in the gym.

Many ask: Why do I kill myself like this?

And the answer comes: So I don’t kill myself.

Happy Hunting!



I was excited to hear the great news about the WSF hiring my good friend Mark Seacat to help them with their non-profit crusade to maintain a quality future for the wild sheep and hunting these majestic big game animals. Enjoy the article below from The Outdoor Wire with all the details, check it out and also “like” the WSF facebook page and help support this effort.


Seacat Creative, the social media management firm in Bozeman, Montana announced Friday a new partnership with the Wild Sheep Foundation to help the non-profit grow through social media initiatives.

Seacat Creative will facilitate authentic conversations within WSF’s Facebook page beginning in September.

“We’re stoked for the opportunity to build an online community centered on the efforts of the Wild Sheep Foundation to improve the future of sheep and sheep hunting,” said Mark Seacat, co-founder and director of Seacat Creative. “We can’t wait to see even more people working for the good of these incredible animals.”

The Wild Sheep Foundation, based in Cody, Wyoming, works to enhance wild sheep populations by promoting professional wildlife management, educating the public, and encouraging both fair chase hunting and the protection of sportsmen’s rights.

“Social Media is the marketing wave of the future, with more and more people getting their information, product and service options, and ‘advice’ from their social network,” said the Wild Sheep Foundation’s President and CEO, Gray N. Thornton. “WSF is thrilled to team up with Seacat Creative, a recognized leader is this media genre, to help build the WSF brand, our membership, convention and promote our purpose of ‘Putting & Keeping Sheep on the Mountain™.’ This medium also targets an age demographic often missed by the standard hook-and-bullet marketing mix of old. As we work towards more productive recruitment of the next generation of hunter/conservationist, social media will be the catalyst.”

About WSF:
The Wild Sheep Foundation, formerly the Foundation for North American Wild Sheep (FNAWS) was founded in 1977 by wild sheep conservationists and enthusiasts. With a membership of more than 10,000 worldwide and a chapter network in North America, WSF is the premier advocate for wild sheep, wild goats, other mountain wildlife, and their habitat. Since forming in 1977, the Wild Sheep Foundation and its chapters and affiliates have raised and expended more than $85 million on conservation, education and conservation advocacy programs in North America, Europe and Asia. These and other efforts have resulted in a five-fold increase in bighorn sheep populations in North America from their historic 1950-70s lows.

About Seacat Creative:
Seacat Creative was born from leading outdoor equipment companies that needed extreme and authentic photographic images. It has since evolved into a marketing business with the purpose of telling the stories behind the unique photos, and the grit, determination, and essential equipment that made them possible. Seacat Creative specializes in identifying and leveraging the most effective channels to reach target audiences with authentic these authentic stories and the conversations that rise up around them. Clients include Mystery Ranch Backpacks, Sitka Gear, W.L. GORE & Associates and others.

For more information on the Wild Sheep Foundation and their many conservation and education programs, visitwww.wildsheepfoundation.org or contact them at 720 Allen Avenue, Cody, Wyoming 82414 USA. Telephone 307-527-6261 or 800 OK FNAWS. Email info@wildsheepfoundation.org. Follow us on Facebook™ facebook.com/wildsheep foundation.

Alex Tenenbaum, 406-600-9655 or alex@seacatcreative.com

Africa On The Horizon

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Here we are staring Africa in the face as we organize & put together our final preparations. I’ve been stressed out dealing with having to put a new sight on my bow just yesterday after breaking the one I’ve used since I bought my Hoyt new. I’ve got it installed now and shot very well today. We’ve been practicing our shooting religiously and dreaming about this moment for a long time I can hardly believe it’s literally here!
I’ll be hunting with two of my close friends Scott Simons & Matt Sterzer and we’ll most definitely be missing our buddy Dale Pearson. Dale drew some phenomenal tags this year & has BIG plans to punch each one of them thus he was just not able to make the trip this year. I know he won’t be missing it next time!
Here’s a look at the itinerary once we depart from SLC, UT. We’ll be flying into Johannesburg then driving 3 1/2 hours to the Northwest Providence of South Africa. The area we’re hunting is known for BIG Kudu and BIG Impala. The #5 in the world SCI Kudu was taken on this ranch and it went 61 inches, that is massive! AND it was taken with archery tackle. The place we are hunting offers strictly archery hunts only. It’s going to be fun to watch some of these big boys come into water. The Impala are averaging 24 to 26 inches which equals BIG! We’ll be doing both spot and stalk along with hunting over waterholes & we’ll be hunting the Black Wildebeest & Zebra on a different ranch. Yes we’ll be filming all of it!
This is going to be a South African plains game party for 9 awesome days! Everything with our bows except Black Wildebeest and Zebra. Below is a look at the Hit list.
1. Kudu
2. Gemsbuck
3. Waterbuck
4. Black Wildebeest
5. Zebra
6. Impala
7. Blesbuck
8. Warthog
9. Red Hardebeest
Optional Hit List if we decide to go a little over budget.
10. Bushbuck
11. Eland
12. Sable – One of us might pony up, stay tuned to see. I’ll be updating the blog from South Africa as often as needed.
Should be a great trip!